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Delivering my latest report to residents in Charford

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Thank you to my Bromsgrove Labour friends and supporters for helping deliver two thousands direct mails in Charford this morning. I’m fighting the Tories plan to downgrade our leisure centre, to cut funding to our children’s centre’s and attack the working poor. But I can only get out our message with your support. Thank you!

Homelessness Task Group

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I think people know my views on the effect thr Bedroom Tax, Housing Benefit changes and other welfare changes have had on homelessness in Bromsgrove. The figures speak for themselves and show hundreds of last minute interventions by BDHT to stop people being on the streets or in temporary accommodation. However, with more changes down the road we need to convince the local council to take action.

I’ve been appointed Chair of a small group of councillors at Bromsgrove District Council trying to show the cabinet what these changes mean for people living on the breadline in Bromsgrove and who are already without a home. I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts and experiences. You can contact me by emailing

New shac is on its way!

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At the end of last year there was a threat to Stoke Prior’s ‘Shac’. Structural problems meant that it needed to be replaced. After meeting local users and knowing how important the ‘Shac’ is to local residents, I worked with BDHT and helped fund a new facility using £4,000 from the County Councillor Divisional fund scheme, which helps councillors support local projects like the ‘Shac’.  

Despite some frustrating delays, BDHT have informed us that the new ‘Shac’ will be open at in the middle of April.  Local users have been brilliant in keeping activities running like bingo while the new Shac is constructed. I’m so pleased we’re nearly there with the new Shac and I’d like to pay tribute to BDHT and residents for all their work in keeping this heart of the community beating.

Proud to support the Starlight Community Centre’s NEET launch.

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Today I attended the Starlight Community centre’s launch event of a series of ‘Into Employment’ events for local NEETs (people not in employment, education or training). It was well attended by local groups, colleges and groups offering apprenticeships. The drop-in sessions will run every Monday from 3-5pm at the Starlight Community Centre in Charford.

I’m proud to have helped this initiative with funding to help provide young people with interview techniques, interview clothes and the little things that can give you the confidence to get back into education and work. Well done BDHT, the Starlight Community Centre, all the groups in attendance and especially those young people who came in to get on with their future.

M5 Closure hell must be stopped

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The quango set up by the Government, Highways England, are unaccountable and ruining the lives of local residents. Due to their decision to close all lanes in both directions on the M5 local residents have been forced to suffer appalling noise and traffic as six lanes of traffic have been forced onto local roads. Highways England, a recently created government quango can tell local councils when they intend to close motorways but the council can’t stop them from taking these decisions. I think it’s unacceptable that democratically elected representatives are not consulted and this misery is heaped on local residents. I’ve called on Worcester Regulatory Services to start a full investigation into the noise and pollution levels caused by the closures.